Třebíč Castle narrates

Waldstein Castle, the Front of the Castle,
and the Basilica of St.Procopius
is a place that dominates the town of Třebíč, breathes history and impresses all with its unique beauty.

come and listen

Extensive renovation of the entire castle grounds has opened up a new chapter in its existence. Thanks to the cooperation of regional, municipal and church institutions, the castle and its surroundings have been turned into a harmonious and interconnected fusion of cultural activities; a festive place to visit in the middle of everyday life.

Tune into the echoes of times long gone, to sacred chants and the silent prayers of monks as well as to the resounding clatter of horses′ hooves belonging to the former lords of the castle. Their stories are refl ected in the premises of the basilica as well as in the exhibitions located in the castle grounds.

There are four permanent exhibitions of the Vysočina Museum Třebíč in the former Waldstein Castle, linking the place itself, the town and the wider
region, with its historical background as well as with natural attractions.

Along with the reconstruction of the castle, a newly renovated building in front of the castle has been revived, where you can fi nd the exhibition entitled Journeys Through Time. The content of the extensive interactive exhibition focuses mainly on younger visitors and all those who prefer their history to be more visual and ′true-tolife′ rather than a mere narrative presentation.

The exhibition Journeys Through Time along with regular tours of the Basilica of St. Procopius, one of the most signifi cant architectural monuments of the town, are provided by the Municipal Cultural Centre of Třebíč.

Třebíč Castle narrates. Come and listen.