The World of Inanimate Nature is not a silent one. It illustrates the fascinating history of the creation of the Earth and offers an insight into the diverse world of the geological evolution of the Třebíč region. The exhibition demonstrates that the world of inanimate nature is far from being a boring, completed or unchanging world.

The long-term processes of geological development going on latently inside the Earth are, from the timescale of human life on earth, almost unobservable but there are also sudden and abrupt changes. They often take the form of natural disasters which are able to change the face of the Earth almost overnight. All these geological changes can be traced in the development of the countryside, in rocks of the geological bedrock, in the composition of minerals as well as in the form of fossils. Nature itself tells the story of its creation. Just pick up a rock and find a way to understand it.

And that is the story of the geological evolution of the Třebíč region, set in the context of the development of the entire planet. In addition to some unique examples of pegmatites, colourful minerals resulting from tropical weathering, and a mineral collection of quartz veins, a large section of the exhibition is dedicated to a unique set of Moravian moldavites. Thanks to them, the Třebíč region has become globally renowned in the field of geology.