The Waldstein Family at Třebíč invites visitors to the castle chambers, furnished in the style common at the turn of the 20th century, to remind visitors of the time when the Waldsteins still resided in Třebíč. It is the first exhibition ever in the castle devoted to this noble family.

The tour of the castle starts with the entry to the monumental Stone Hall, where Baroque armorial decorations as well as the following picture gallery of ancestors commemorate the beginnings of hundreds of years of the presence of this prominent Czech noble family in Třebíč.

The subsequent castle chambers, located in the guest wing of the castle, are not just a reminder of the peaceful life of the counts and countesses and their families, but they also reveal the difficult times experienced by the last owners of Waldstein castle during the turbulent times of the 20th century. Peerages disappeared in the ruins of the monarchy as the modern republic of Czechoslovakia came to life, only for the new democracy to be subsequently overthrown through the rise of totalitarian ideologies.

Within the castle are furnished rooms, such as a dining room, a hunting lounge, an en suite bedroom and a children′s room or a library which provide a glimpse into the lives of the owners through the objects on display from the estate, and also through their family photographs. Exactly how difficult the year 1945 was for the family, with the loss of their home, is documented by the testimony of Countess Anna Marie Waldstein-Wartenberg, who was personally connected with Třebíč castle, and whose recorded memories underscore the authenticity of the whole exhibition.